Q’s Media Training Sessions include a range of hourly, half day, full day and two day workshops. Q brings strategic thinking to each session based on over 25 years of working with the media and clients in virtually every industry and business sector. Incorporating scientifically based practices and application of current technologies, the workshops are practical and realistic. These include but are not exclusive of the following: 

  • Media Training (building understanding of the media world (online and traditional) and developing interview skills through one-to-one CEO/Senior Executive sessions, groups, refreshers, topic specific, advanced, issues focused and comprehensive all inclusive.)
  • High Impact Media Training (half day meetings with larger groups (30 to 50 people) for tips, techniques and best practices followed by another half day for smaller groups (4 to 8) to practice implementing the techniques through role playing.)  
  • Media Relations 
  • Messaging Sessions
  • High-Risk/Crisis Communication Workshops